Noteworty Report: December 2016

Welcome to the second “Noteworthy Report”, a –hopefully– monthly installment with albums that are either too noticeable to miss (so no point to write yet another review just to get some traffic), good yet not ‘highly recommended’, or plain simple albums that sound promising but I didn’t have the time to pay as much attention as they deserved.

In today’s overcrowded metal scenes, more than 100 albums are being released EVERY MONTH. Some of them are awesome, most of them are not. Through ATF I try to review 2-3 albums every month, the ones that really worth it and don’t get as much credit as they are due.

I will begin with the albums that usually pass under the radars, and put the “established” acts in the end, since you probably got to listen to them already. If you believe some other way of order would serve the bands better, let me know in the comments.


AsthenicSyn – Thy Flesh Consumed

I said it earlier this month, but it bears repeating: the Russians are upping their game lately. This is the debut album for AsthenicSyn, and it really is impressive. Mainly aggressive black metal, with atmospheric and post BM touches here and there, amazing riffs and cool vocals. The only turndown for me was the 2-3 “deathcore” moments. You know how much I dislike that, still it would be a shame to skip such an album for it.


NNGNN – Forceful Blasphemy (EP)

The thrash/black duo from Edinburgh is on fire in this little gem. Fresh yet true to the spirit of the genre, armed with riffs that reek “total death”, they march north now that the “dark throne” is up for grabs.


Скверна – Гнозис (EP)

Skverna is yet another band from Russia that is worth checking out. This EP is a little gem of experimental black metal. Have I ever told you how much I love the use of saxophone? Especially when done right.


Ash Borer – The Irrepassable Gate

This band needs no introduction. I was hardly satisfied with their previous albums, but this time I have to give them credit both for their melodic parts, as well as the doom-ier moments which sound grander than the abyss. I bet you already checked it out, but if you missed it, now is the time to right this wrong.


Mayhem – De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas Alive

I rarely enjoy live albums. Especially if they aren’t on DVD. But this one isn’t just any live album. It is a mirror of the original DMDS, only with better sound. Kidding. Or maybe not. Well, listen and have an opinion of your own, do I have to force-feed you everything? A very good performance in any case…



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