“You can’t be all things to all of the people”

Welcome friend to Against The Fragmentaire, a no-trends opinions and taste-specific metal discovery blog.

What is this blog?

This blog is dedicated mainly to the not-so-known heroes of the underground. The bands that for one reason or another never managed to get momentum, bands that are so good, yet so underrated.

Back when I was just a teenager, I used to have a pickup player. And I used to only have enough money to buy an album each month. Whenever I wanted to listen to music, I had to wait for the right moment and get as much out of it as I could. Whenever I bought an album, it had to be good enough for me to enjoy for at least one full month.

Today things have changed. Right now there is a huge offering of music: indie musicians have access to what used to be the costliest tools of the music industry, and in most cases these tools are free. Visit metal-archives and just check their list of upcoming releases: almost 300 new albums are getting released EACH MONTH. This is crazy. Who has the time to listen to all this music? Nobody. And bands that really worth a place in the sun will pass un-noticed, just because of this hard reality…

What is this “Fragmentaire” thing?

Today the listener’s attention is fragmented in tiny small pieces. Nobody has the time to focus on the music he listens, instead music is something like the soundtrack of our everyday life activities. We listen on our way to work, or while cooking. A band that wants to be successful (by label standards) has to be able to capture the listener in the small time window he has open during his activities. This gave birth to the contemporary generic-melo-screamo-NWOwhatever-flavorofthemonth-metalcore that will incorporate literally ANYTHING just to provide something to everyone who happens to listen any random minute of any random song. This “music” though has no soul. A band that respects itself will probably stay firm to their niche, but will probably also stay in the obscurity…

What you will find in here.

  • For those who followed the blog during its birth back in 2011, obviously enough, the original posts on the ‘SignMeTo’ forum, under the title The SMT archives.
  • Band and album presentations (in the form of reviews, interviews, noteworthy reports or whatever new series the future may bring) that meet my personal criteria for ATF.
  • Unearthed gems of the past, albums and bands that I feel are essential to every metalhead interested in the extreme genres that respects his collection.

What you won’t find in here.

  • Gossip and clickbait. Nobody should be genuinely interested what XYZ musician had for breakfast during his 20th birthday sixty years ago. More and more sites are adding noise on top the over-information, just to let us know that’s been exactly 8 and a half years since EP ‘XYZ’ got recorded, or that XYZ band ate this or did that, all unrelated to the main reason of their existence: MUSIC. And once you see it on one site, it takes less than a day to see these “news” all over the place. All these sites are disrespectful of the limited time we have to listen to music, and are disrespectful of the effort put by the bands to get their actual news out there. I prefer to have a small readership that knows what is looking for and actually finds it here.
  • Negative reviews. I am quoting this directly from my very first Noteworthy Report: “ATF is a project I run on my very limited free time and as such I am not writing reviews just to write something. I don’t have the time to talk about bad or mediocre albums; if I don’t like it, I skip it. No point in wasting anyone’s time just to shame a release. Whenever I take the time for a full blown review, it has to be worth it. I want you to see an album on ATF and instantly know that you have to give it a listen.

How to be featured in here.

The truth is, there is no surefire way. If I stumble upon your album / EP / demo and like it, I will probably say something about it. If I see your band live and I like it, I will research you and eventually I will write about you. But if you don’t intend to leave it all to luck, just send me your promo pack at:

Against The Fragmentaire
PO Box 70
52200 Neo Kostarazi

If you have a digital-only promo, that’s fine, mail me at:


I should warn you though· just because I got your pack doesn’t mean I am going to write something. The rule still applies, if I don’t like it I am not wasting my time with it. With just one exception: if you are starting out and feel lost, even if I can’t write about you, I may write TO you, giving you some hints and pointers and stuff I got to learn the hard way. So you have actually nothing to lose by sending me your promos.

Who am I anyway?

Now that you got all the way to this section, it is time for a little shameless plug. I am Tragon, vocalist of the Greek black metal band Lord Impaler. And this is my humble blog where I talk about other peoples’ bands. If you find my taste in music compatible to yours, then -in the words of Deckard Cain- “Stay awhile and listen“…


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