The SMT archives

Once upon a time, RoadRunner records started a A&R site where bands could upload their demos, and compete with each other to win the attention of the label’s staff. It was an experiment worth running, but it didn’t end well. The site was called “SignMeTo”, or SMT for short.

The original “Against the Fragmentaire” was a post on the forums of SMT, where I uncovered some of the weird unknown heroes of the undergound from the Greek metal scene. My intention was to get more people involved, forget the competition thing for just a minute and share music, bands, stories.

Unfortunately, the site was so self-centered that almost nobody cared enough to even read the post. None cared to share bands from their country. Instead of giving up, I turned that one post into a series presenting bands from all over the world.

Midway through 2012, RRR decided to pull the plug on SMT, and the series went down with it. This is the archive of those posts, what I call “the SMT archives”. I hope you will discover some worthwhile bands in here…


01 – Greece
02 – Norway
03 – Sweden
04 – Finland
05 – Denmark
06 – France
07 – Austria
08 – Germany
09 – Russia
10 – United Kingdom
11 – Canada
12 – USA


13 – Australia
14 – Italy
15 – Portugal
16 – Chile
17 – Hungary
18 – The Netherlands
19 – Albania
19 – Poland
20 – Ukraine
21 – Belgium
22 – Ireland
23 – Spain
24 – Czech Republic
25 – Countries of the Rising Sun
26 – The Crucifixion (special)
27 – Rest of the World (final episode)

This of course isn’t the end of the road. At the last episode of the series I threatened to continue posting my reports, and this isn’t forgotten. In time, I plan to do so, so stay tuned and check back from time to time. You might be surprised…