Review: GreyAblaze – GreyAblaze (2016)


GreyAblaze is the debut album of the homonymous Ukranian atmospheric post-black metal band. Formed in 2013 by veterans of the scene (having served in bands like Ygg, Ulvegr, Nokturnal Mortum and more), this is their first ever release, yet it shows their proficiency both in performance as well as songwriting.

The album blurs the lines and easily crosses the boundaries of genres. There is a calmness and a sadness present throughout the five beautiful compositions, and a recurring theme of soundtrack-like melodies. If you play this on repeat, you lose sense of time and it feels like one huge track.

Inventive use of synths and pianos, mesmerizing guitar work, powerful riffs combined with sensational dual solos, elaborate drumming pointing the right dynamics and a distinct bass that ties everything together. On top of them all, vocals that carry an essence of despair that matches the gloomy mood of the music.

The mix is clean and has enough air for the dynamics to unfold properly. The album feels shorter than its actual duration, which is indicative of how good it is. I have spent the past two days listening to it and I am confident I will keep getting back to it for years to come. An absolute masterpiece. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

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