Noteworthy Report: November 2016

In today’s overcrowded metal scenes, more than 30 albums are being released EVERY DAY. It is nearly impossible both for fans to discover the true gems among them, as it is for the bands to rise to the surface of all this information.

ATF is a project I run on my very limited free time and as such I am not writing reviews just to write something. I don’t have the time to talk about bad or mediocre albums; if I don’t like it, I skip it. No point in wasting anyone’s time just to shame a release. Whenever I take the time for a full blown review, it has to be worth it. I want you to see an album on ATF and instantly know that you have to give it a listen.

Of course there are releases that even if they don’t make it to a review, they are worthwhile to check. And this exactly is the “Noteworthy Report”, a –hopefully– monthly installment with albums that are either too noticeable to miss (so no point to write yet another review just to get some traffic), good yet not ‘highly recommended’, or plain simple albums that sound promising but I didn’t have the time to pay as much attention as they deserved.


I will begin with the albums that usually pass under the radars each month, and put the “established” acts in the end, since you probably got to listen to them already. If you believe some other way of order would serve the bands better, let me know in the comments.


Morke – Sleepy Eye (EP)


This is the first release of the one-man band from USA. The EP consists of one 25-minute long track. Contemporary US black metal with a Canadian flare is their trade and it sounds promising. A bit repetitive, many cool ideas that would be stunning if they were packed in a shorter track, but hey, who nailed it in the first release?




Paganland – From Carpathian Land


Melodic pagan black from Ukraine in the vein of Drudkh and Nokturnal Mortum. This is their 3rd album, and I expect to write a review for it if I get the time to listen properly. Definitely worth checking out!




Ravencult – Force of Profanation


3rd album for the Greek black/thrashers. This is the most anticipated album for me this year, and Ravencult don’t disappoint. A relentless storm. A must have.





Deathspell Omega – The Synarchy of Molten Bones


The French experimental BM pioneers need no introduction. In this 30 minute release they managed to distill all that is evil, all that is massive, all that is essential to produce amazing black metal, and nothing more. They wasted not a single second for fillers or blabbers. Breathtaking!



Enslaved – The Sleeping Gods / Thorn


Another band that needs no introduction. What we have here is a collection of experimental material from their past releases. If you are a diehard first-era fan, approach with caution, but you should check this out. If you like anything from the last decade, you should definitely check this out.


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