Review: Deathkin – Kohti Kotiani Kaaosta (2016)


The album begins just as another Marduk clone (from Finland as the vocals suggest), but Deathkin are really smart about it. After they capture your attention, it takes them less than 5 minutes to turn things upside down. Slowing the pace after the first bombastic charge, they give time to the rest of the tracks to unfold properly, and this gives space to the guitars to present a repertoire that extends from the roots of traditional Finnish black metal all the way to more modern stuff (I even heard a bit of Eternal Tears of Sorrow and Windir in there somewhere). I really liked the vocals, and Deathkin aren’t afraid to experiment with them. From the typical for the genre growls, to majestic chants, to nightmarish Latin spoken parts, this album has you covered.

With a running time a bit over the 45 minute mark, they kept things under control. The album didn’t bore me at all, on the contrary I didn’t really notice its duration and went to check why it stopped playing. The music flows naturally as there are no fillers here, only well thought compositions and an eased progression with new elements slowly being introduced as the album goes on.

The sound is clean and powerful, especially for a self-produced / self-released album. The guitars are sharp but not oversaturated, the bass is audible, the vocals are front and center with good articulation. They really did a good job mixing this.


Deathkin are unsigned by choice and they sure deserve all your support. Melodic Finnish black metal at its finest! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

If you want to find out more about them, or buy their music, follow these links:


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