SMT/ATF Episode 26: The Crucifixion

Today in Greece orthodox Christians celebrate the “Pascha”, the resurrection of the rainbow-tailed unicorn, followed by consumption of more-than-you-can-chew meat and even more-than-you-can-swallow alcohol. Or was it Jesus’? I always mix fairy tales so I don’t really mind.

You are probably already thinking “what the hell is he trying to say with this introduction”? Well, I know you would if the episode’s banner hadn’t given it away. Anyways, to make a long story short, welcome friends to a special episode of Against The Fragmentaire, a series of blog posts with a single purpose: to make Andrew James Liles believe that black metal is an actual music genre. Not that anyone would believe such a lie but it is a cause worth trying. In today’s episode I am picking six of my favorite songs about the crucifixion…


When it comes to the terms cross, cruci-, Jesus and God, all fingers point to Deicide, the American brutal death metal band that for over two decades keeps inventing new ways to insult God. My pick for this special episode is “Once Upon The Cross”. Of course, if I stopped here this would be a wasted opportunity for ‘the cause’, so I am also going to pick one of my favorite songs from them as a bonus. “Bastard Of Christ”.


Nocternity is a Greek atmospheric black metal band whose works I always admired. The super-saturated production leaves much to the imagination but if you can follow their music through it you will certainly be rewarded for it. My pick is “Crucify Him”, one of my favorites from them is “The Red Dawn”.


Next on the list are the Polish death metal heroes Vader. I love their bombastic drumming. My pick is “The Crucified Ones” and I will also cite “Cold Demons” as one of my favorites.


Norway has SO FUCKING MANY super high quality black metal bands and one that I totally enjoy is Gehenna. If you happen to be a fan of Emperor, you NEED to check their first 3 albums. My pick is “Crucified One” and one of my favorites is “Malice”.


Rotting Christ. Do I need to say more for one of the oldest black metal bands in Europe? My pick is “Hills Of The Crucifixion” from the Greek legends’ first demo, but one of my favorite songs of them is “Where Mortals Have No Pride” from their second album, that features the ‘best worst production ever made’…


Last for today are Arch Enemy, an impressive band with an even more impressive singer. My pick is “Carry The Cross”, and the bonus showcase song is “Ravenous”.


It is done.


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