SMT/ATF Episode 25: Countries of the Rising Sun

Welcome back to another late episode of Against The Fragmentaire, the series you love to rarely read when there is nothing better around the interwebs. Let me tell you something: the world is such a small place to be, ok? There is a finite number of good bands from each country and I am afraid we covered them all. Well, mostly.

In today’s episode “of the rising sun” we will cover not one but TWO countries that are located (you guessed it) somewhere near the place where the sun rises every morning. Yup, the far, far, further away east. Innovation? Bah, just an improvement over those tiny “semi-episodes” I think.

Our journey begins with Japan, a country that lives and breathes for innovations, neon lights, all kinds of gadgets and all kinds of weirdo movies and anime.


The first band for today is Arkha Sva, knee-deep into depressive black metal, with just a pinch of Japanese weirdness. Their sound is somewhat (!) primitive but hey, who cares really?


 Sigh is one of the oldest Japanese bands. Their avant-garde black metal feels almost like a strange circus (those into Asian cinema saw what I did there!), with ups and downs and unexpected turns. Highly recommended for a surreal evening…


Moving southwards we meet THAILAND, a mysterious land where every large space that isn’t filled with elephants is probably occupied by ancient temples. They do have some of the greatest things to see while you can, so book your flights peoples!


The very first band I got to listen from the Thai scene is Surrender of Divinity, an old school raw black metal act that kicks serious ass.


It only takes one mail or demo trade with one Thai band to get your P.O.Box flooded with demos and split tape cassettes of the rest of the Thai scene. Thus I learned of Zygoatsis, a warhorde of blasphemous wrathful black metal, the extreme raw kind mind you…


Every self-respecting series that refers to the rising sun has something to say about China, but believe it or not, those billions of peoples there has nothing too good to mention here! So that was it. Move along now please…



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