SMT/ATF Episode 24: Czech Republic

Welcome fellow scouts to yet another episode of Against the Fragmentaire. In episode 24 we visit planet Czech Republic where our heroes fight with intergalactic barbarians, summon their inner demons, gut the dragon and eat the girl! Sounds like fun huh? Well, sit around and enjoy the next hour drinking irresponsibly some fine beer…


Today’s episode begins with the first Czech band I ever got to know, the brutal deathsters Krabathor. Doomy, moody and extremely un-orthodox to those who like the US death metal school.


Master’s Hammer is a pretty un-orthodox black metal band. They are quite melodic, thought the vocals will ring somewhat strange. They sure worth checking out in my very humble opinion…


You may already think that all Czech bands are weird just because of the previous pattern. Well, in fact they are. One of the very few typical black metal bands this land has to offer is Maniac Butcher. Raw barbaric pounding and hellish screams is what they play, though they are quite un-orthodox while at it…


I know, I know. If you read “un-orthodox” one more time you will slit your wrists and cry Satan a river. Ok. Silva Nigra is your typical “orthodox” awesome modern black metal. Happy now?


Can we go back into weird un-orthodox bands now please? Cool! When it comes to theatrical metal, Root is my band of choice. You can call them black metal if you like, though their latest efforts stray a bit from that path –musically at least-, but the fact is no matter how you call them, they are mysteriously good…


I will close this un-orthodox episode with a band of the so called Industrial Black metal genre. “So called” because I think it should be better called “techno black metal” but “OH WELL”… If you ask me what is my favorite band of this genre I will say none. I don’t really like this kind of mix and can only identify 3 bands: Dodheimsgard off their “666 International” era and forth, The Kovenant off their “Animatronic” era and forth, and Gorgonea Prima. Not my thing but you don’t lose something just for checking them out, do you?


Another week went by, another episode ended and my nose began to bleed. That is so not typical of me. Well, have a very un-orthodox weekend all!


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