SMT/ATF Episode 23: Spain

Welcome once more to a new episode of Against The Fragmentaire, a series that take you around the world and dictate you what bands you should like in the era of mediocre sound-alike metalcore bands.

This week we are going to visit Spain, the westernmost place of the then known world, up until some lucky bastard stumbled upon America…


I will start with the very first Spanish band I’ve listened to, Argar. Their horror-black metal is quite classical, resembling Satyricon deep down in the roots, but their vocals still strike a special chord in me…


One of my all time favorites is Asgaroth, a band that started in the semi-silly Gothic/Black end, but later transformed to a great Avant-garde act. Too bad they stopped making music. For those of you who aren’t really in to metal (really? What are you doing in here then?) I have a special treat: probably the best cover ever done to King Crimson


 Elffor is probably a bad choice for this episode, since their style is so close to Summoning which the vocal minority of this forum didn’t like at all. However, as a huge Summoning fan I have to provide something to those of similar taste, right?


There are myriad ways to learn of a band. I was on my DeviantArt account when one of my contacts there informed me that she posed for Evadne’s debut album cover. Their melodic Death/Doom isn’t going to dethrone Saturnus from anyone’s heart, but it is a good alternative…


Zinumm is a one man band that plays a mix of old Burzum and new Burzum. For those of you who liked ‘Hlidskjalf’ and ‘Hvis Lyset Tar Oss’ equally, this mix provides a great balance. For those of you who aren’t really into Burzum, well this band provides a new opportunity to like them. Like them! Now!


The last band for today is Numen, a folk avant-garde black metal act that isn’t afraid to use the local dialect even if their lyrics aren’t going to be appreciated by the rest of the world. They do it too well for anyone to care…


Well, another week ended, and another post ender too black metal for Andrew to like, but hey, that’s life. Have a great weekend away from colds and flues, or you will suffer like me!



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