SMT/ATF Episode 22: Ireland

I had just finished picking up the bands and videos for this next episode of Against The Fragmentaire when I decided to visit SMT and see what’s going around, and guess what: P.D.F. just posted a blog about Ireland, mumbling something about St. Patrick and stuff, and I thought OH MY FUCKING GOD, what a coincidence! And then I remembered that God is dead, but yeah, anyways… Knowing this and also knowing that tomorrow is going to be yet another hard day for me, here is my early present!


If there is one thing most Irish bands have in common, that is the folk tradition and the way it is so prominent in their music. Cruachan are so much more a folk band than a metal one that I sometimes feel weird to even like them!


Primordial are one of those bands that I liked and followed ever since their first works. Their folk black metal transformed to something greater over the years, showing only awesomeness and maturity with every passing album. Listen to their passionate music and if you ever have the chance to watch them live do so, because Alan Nemtheanga is definitely the best frontman I’ve ever seen!


 Geasa is a folk black metal band that moves on a similar path to that of Primordial, but they just don’t have as much quality or epicness. Still, they are a great band to listen to…


I didn’t know of Mael Mordha until I saw them live, supporting Primordial, back in 2008. Their epic doom will mostly be appreciated by fans of Manilla Road, but you won’t lose anything checking them out even if you aren’t really into doom…


And now it is time for something completely different. Altar of Plagues is one of the very few (two?)  Irish bands that aren’t into folk. Their shoegaze/post-black metal is really fitting as soundtrack to the weirdest Icelandic movies. Enjoy the bleakness!


Last (but not least, as usual) we have the other Irish band that isn’t knee-deep into folk, Myrkr. Powerful melodic old school black metal. Yummy!


Another week went by, as just did another episode of Against the Fragmentaire! So, in the words of P.D. Freeman himself, have a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everybody!”…


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