SMT/ATF Episode 21: Belgium

Welcome back to yet another episode of Against the Fragmentaire, a series written edited and posted by Tragon, probably the only scout in here that this week isn’t touring around Europe or seeking love in his office and instead types these depressive small pixel letters for you to read.

This week we are going to check out Belgium, host of the EU and NATO headquarters. Are you ready for some more brutal bands that Andrew James Liles is probably not going to like?


I have known Ancient Rites for nearly 20 years as their frontman, Gunther Theys, was considered a member of the Greek metal scene back then when things were pure (!) and I always thought they were special. Their epic black metal has a “European” air and makes you feel like it’s the 1600’s again!


Enthroned is yet another band I know and enjoy for years. Their black metal isn’t the most innovative thing this planet has to offer, but their quality is a standard and their vocals improved a lot over the years, so in case you heard some of their old works and found the voice a bit ‘meh’ maybe you should give them another chance.


Oh my! It’s full of awesome black metal! Again! Absolutus play modern, melodic black metal, the way it is meant to be played. Enjoy!


For those of you who now firmly believe that bands in Belgium only play black metal I present Aborted, probably the only band that doesn’t. Sick!


On the experimental side of black metal, we have Cult of Erinyes, a brutal band whose vocalist could be Attila Csihar only he isn’t. I so much like the fact that he isn’t afraid to be weird and wacky with his voice, even in the strict sense of the genre…


Last band for today is Lemuria. Folk black metal that sometimes is quite epic, while other times bring Finntroll or Korpiklaani in mind, and I really find those two bands tasteless…


That was all fellow scouts. Have a great sexy weekend everyone!


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