SMT/ATF Episode 19: Poland

After the perfect execution of the old “fake post” ploy, let us proceed once more -giggles aside- to our work, shedding light to the most obscure metal genres and bands in what I shall call a new episode of Against the Fragmentaire. Today is Poland’s turn to spill it’s underground guts, and as you will find out soon, there is no weird stuff hidden in there: just high quality black and death metal…


Let’s start our journey with Behemoth, one of the oldest Polish bands that started off as melodic black metal with acoustic guitars and ended in the far extreme spectrum of death metal. No matter the year, no matter the genre they picked each album, all of their discography is a lesson in extremity. Let us all wish good luck to Nergal for his health problems so he may give us even more such diamonds in the future. All hail Behemoth!


I think the less covered genre of the series is technical death metal. Let’s change that then. Yattering is a delicious sample of this rotten fruit. Unclean sound, sickening play and bleeding guts all over the place. What else can you ask for?


Sceptic are another tech death metal band that shines in their field, just a bit more melodic and clean than the previous band. What Poland can’t provide in experimental stuff can surely cover in technical prowess…


Another old band I hold dear is Cemetery of Scream. They were somewhere on the edge of gothic doom and blackened death metal but they later dropped the extreme guise for a more alternative outlook. I still like those guys. They bring Tiamat in my mind which is another favorite of mine…


I remember I discovered Mgla (meaning fog in polish) somewhere around 2005-2006, and I was captivated by their high quality old school black metal. Their debut album “Groza” was my most anticipated release for 2008 and rightly so… Enjoy (everyone except Andrew James Liles that is)…


Lux Occulta is probably the weirdest I could find in my CD collection. Dionysos is my personal favorite of their releases and I have to admit that I strongly dislike their latest efforts. However this is just my taste and you may lose nothing by listening for yourselves…


That’s all folks!!! Have a great weekend.


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