SMT/ATF Episode 18: The Netherlands

All 6 people reading the series expected this next episode anxiously. I can smell it being a fact. So I sat down and wrote it, what other option did I have? This week we visit The Netherlands, home of legalized drugs, tasteless beers and transparent bordels!

This country has many female vocalists that have invested in some metal genre. Fact. This country also has tons of symphonic metal bands. Fact. If I ever liked any symphonic metal bands with female vocals, chances are it would be some Dutch band. To me, After Forever is the second best this country has to offer in the genre of symphonic metal…


In the scene that hosted Sinister, Thanatos and Pestilence (all of them legends in the genre) it was pretty common sense that God Dethroned would pass unnoticed by a lot of people. I was instantly captivated however, maybe because of their trve vocals, maybe because of the touch of blasphemy over gore or silly “Satanisms” used by other bands that time, maybe just because of the skinned rat on the cover of the “Christhunt” album. They are a great band nonetheless, and their progress shows that perfectly…


If this planet is lucky for a bunch of things, one such thing is that The Gathering steered away from their gothic (?) death metal early enough to let us live their transformation all the way to alternative/post-rock and broaden not only our music as a genre, but our minds too. With each and every album they made, they went an inch further from my comfort zone, but after almost two decades they are a chasm away, and I learned to enjoy something so distant to my overall tastes. Sometimes music is beautiful above and beyond preferred genres…


Remember the first band of this episode? Within Temptation is the band above them. Is there really anything else to say?


You are now wondering: “Can this episode be so soft? Even Finland felt extreme compared to that”. Probably the only Dutch black metal band that really is far above mediocrity is Fluisterwoud. Their old school tunes are balsam to the soul…


Last but not least, the very reason I love writing this series. Probably the weirdest band this country has to share is Urfaust, a band that believes in making music with just a guitar, a simple drum set and AWESOME vocals. A band that appears live as is and manages to send you the same chills as listening to their CDs. I loved them instantly and hopefully you will too!


Have a wicked weekend everyone!


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