SMT/ATF Episode 17: Hungary

Welcome back to another full episode of Against the Fragmentaire, the series you secretly love to read for more than 4 months now!

This is the 17th country we put under our scopes and happens to be Hungary, a land located in central Europe, with rich history and in fact the one of only two nations that reside in EU that has no “indoeuropean” roots (with the other one being Finland). As expected, there is a special air in their culture and that reflects in their metal scene as well. Let the music start!


The very first band of this country that I happened to listen to some 15 years ago is Sear Bliss. Their epic/folk black metal has been done again and again to the point of offering little to no new elements in the genre, but I do have fond memories of them and they made a long lasting impression on me because they were something new to me back then. A good listen in any case…


Bornholm is a somewhat monodimentional epic black metal band, however they have quite a lot of cool songs and their style is really close to that of Rotting Christ of their “A Dead Poem”  era which actually just made me wonder why they aren’t really famous in Greece yet…


You know this really special feeling that surrounds some Burzum albums like “Filosofem” or “Hvis Lyset Tar Oss”? Forest Silence is one of the very few Ambient black metal bands that can replicate it for me, only with a better production.


Thy Catafalque is a progressive avantgarde metal band that doesn’t fear to use Magyar as language of choice. It may sound strange to some people and probably doesn’t help you relate to the songs as much, but they do it right and it also gives them a more exotic air.


It’s been a while since we heard this kind of Ambient/Neofolk, I think it was Germany’s post 2 months ago. Anyway, Orom is one such band, recommended for fans of vodka in a slow lonely night in front of your monitors, and of course for fans of Vinterriket!


Some people like to call Nodens space black metal” probably due to their themes, but in reality this is some really cool shoegaze black metal in the vein of England’s Fen. If you like the later, I guess you are going to like those guys too, even if they are not as melodic…


Well, that was all my new offerings for this weekend. I hope it will keep you entertained for a while!


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