SMT/ATF Episode 16: Chile

I am almost done unpacking my new home, watching as snow falls outside my window. Normality almost restored itself and I resumed working towards a new “Against The Fragmentaire” episode, even if I don’t have access to my full collection yet. Well, this one is yet another “almost an episode”, as I still suffer from no-free-time-syndrome. I mostly got into working it just to have something to keep you occupied as I am not expecting to post a regular episode this week and I also lost one “deadline” already (if you even by chance got to notice :P), so enough idle chatting and let’s see what Chile has to offer…


In the sea of hellish, raw, barbaric, old school, extreme metal that is the majority of this country’s scene, Animus Mortis is like a fly in a glass of milk: extreme yet quite sophisticated. I really like some of their aspects, and the fact that they can also carry the air of their scene along…


Closing this extremely short episode, let’s take a look at Lergrev, a band that plays on the edge of ambient with shoegaze post black metal, but also offering short bursts of powerful music, which differentiates them a bit from the rest of their kind. I find their soothing music quite interesting; let’s hope there is something good for you in them too…


Well, that was all my energy for today. As I get in a rhythm and fix my schedule to fit my new life I expect these episodes to get bigger and more interesting. Thanks for bearing with me for another week!

(p.s.2016: Lergrev are giving their 2011 EP “Medusa” as a free download. Pay them a visit at


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