SMT/ATF Episode 15: Portugal

Not wanting to shock you much, I will state the obvious: there are some countries that are real goldmines in terms of band quality and quantity. Also unsurprisingly, there are others that aren’t. This week I will cover a case of the later.

As I said a week ago, I am in the process of moving to a new house, so my free time is a bit thin. What a better opportunity to spend a wee bit less of it on research then? Don’t be fooled though: Portugal may only have three (3) bands that could cut it for “Against The Fragmentaire”, but their Mediterranean passion more than makes up for it…


I will begin by driving Andrew nuts, so he can enjoy the other two bands even more. Corpus Christii (not to be mixed with Texan band Corpus Christi) are old school, extreme but also melodic. I lost the chance to see them live due to bad luck, and I still regret it. Powerful yet full of emotion…


The next band is one of the ‘old ones’. Moonspell count some 20 years messing with the devil’s music, and are one of those bands that really pushed the envelope when Black Metal was something new. They now sound modern, but their debut is my personal favorite ever since I played it on vinyl over a decade ago. Ah, the analog magic…


The last band for this week is Daemonarch, a side-project of Moonspell members. They only released one album and then went on hiatus or disbanded (not sure which). This could be a Moonspell album but at the time Century Media seemed to press for a softer direction. Cool stuff anyways…


Another week went by, another episode of the series ended, this time really fast. See you in a couple of days again. Have fun…


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