SMT/ATF Episode 13: Australia

After a long break, time to get back to publishing the “SMT Archives”, the place where it all started. Remember, these are posts from 2011-2012…

People of earth, welcome back to yet another episode of Against The Fragmentaire, the first for 2012!

When it comes to New Years, Australia has the privilege to celebrate early and get to bed while the rest of the planet is still anxiously waiting for it. It is probably due to its isolation that is home to the most weird animals, rock formations and incomprehensible English dialect ever spoken…

Enough with the idle chit chat, let’s get to the meat!


When most metalcore bands are trying so hard to satisfy even the most short attention spanned average Joe of their fan base, there are still bands around that go all the other way around: try to captivate you with the weirdest soundscape ever imagined by man. Alchemist is the definition of what “against the fragmentaire” really stands for. Their music is captivating even if you don’t really like it, just because you HAVE to see what they are trying to do with it…


It was exactly two years ago when we were in Norway mixing our debut album, and on one of the studio tables there were some strategically abandoned business cards of a black metal band. The whole notion struck me a bit odd at first, but I took that little piece of paper and kept it in my wallet, only to re-discover it after getting back to Greece. What a way to remember to check some band huh? Astriaal did a very good move by printing those cards, because their black metal is a finely crafted one and it would be a shame to forget about them after having my job done.


On the subject of awesome black metal from Australia, the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy only has to say: Pestilential Shadows. Their latest album “Depths” is in my top 10 list for 2011!


A new trend is on the rise in death metal. Forget about finely crafted riffs. Forget about perfect mixes. Forget about crystal clear productions. Portal is one of the few acts that make brutal music and go for it the rough way. Not everyone is going to like them. So what?


Next in line are Woods of Desolation, a melodic black metal act that will try to soothe the ears of Andrew after getting exposed to Portal’s “music”. Another excellent listen, another album in my top 10 list for 2011…


Be’Lakor is a melodic death metal band. Their music is a journey that will appeal to fans of Saturnus, only with a strong Amon Amarth accent. Enjoy them!


Thanks for reading and have a great and productive year everyone!


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