SMT/ATF Episode 9: Russia

This is the 9th and up to now the most difficult part of this series where I pick a country and choose those bands that have something exceptional to show, if not their exceptionally great music, at least the fact that they are an exception to the rule of “play the flavor-of-the-month music or sink trying”…

Why was this week’s post so difficult to write? There are two reasons: at first, this week I present music from Russia, home to all things evil, like communism, the Czar and Konstantin of Stellar, and sadly enough I couldn’t find that many candidates for a slot. Does this mean there are not that many good bands there? Hopefully not! I just don’t seem to have as many CDs from Russian bands, and those that I do have are pretty ordinary as the practice of running through them showed me. The second reason is that WoW’s patch 4.3 came out this week and I just HAD to check it out. Actually I wrote this post in a hurry and heading back in some dungeon crawling afterwards. So here it is…


One of the first Russian bands I ever got to listen to was Alkonost. They play melodic pagan/folk metal, and I mean every word in this tag!



The second band is Dukhi Predkov, and they also happen to play melodic folk metal. The Slavonic folk elements are very prominent and fans of Skyclad and Eluveitie will definitely enjoy their music. For me, at least they are better than Temnozor


Seducer’s Embrace is russia’s answer to NWOSDM. I have to admit that I first got interest in them after reading “death metal” under the very colorful cover of their album ‘Self-mythology’, and to be honest I prefer their older works, as this one is too melodic for me. Almost Gamma Ray melodic!


Wine From Tears was a real shock for me. They play melodic doom/death metal, something similar to Saturnus, and they are very good at it. The production and the whole detailed-to-perfection package fooled me into believing them Swedish at first. Probably my favorite band from this huge land!


This is the first time since I began this series, where I went shopping and asked specifically for ‘Russian metal’ music. Thehappymask is my collection’s latest addition and they have some lovely shoegaze post-black metal treasures in their pockets. Invest!


Last and in our case probably least, we have Ordo Coquatrix, a band that shot their own foot in today’s way of making and promoting music. I was thinking of not having them here, because they have no means of letting you hear their music. That’s right! No youtube videos, not official website, not even myspace! All I can show you is the page of them, but unfortunately you won’t be able to listen to ‘XVIII’ which is a lovely weird song, but only a few typical depressive black metal samples of them. It really is a shame that the only way to get their debut (?) XXMI is to order it through some obscure underground distro or download it from some blog… Did I mention they didn’t even bother claiming their page as their own, artist-run page?

The comment for them is no longer valid, since there ARE now videos available, so enjoy some ambient/drone from Russia!



Have a nice weekend!


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