SMT/ATF Episode 11: Canada

And here we are again, a bit late due to work and other bleak stuff, but still alive and kicking. This is yet another ‘episode’ of Against the Fragmentaire, a series dedicated mainly to the weird cases of music, though sometimes ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’ seems to be the statistical anomaly when it comes to this art. This week it was time for a break away from Europe, so here we are checking out Canada, the place that is so near yet so far from the rest of America, and also the place where the Apocalypse WILL happen if we accept “South Park” as a documentary from the future.

So, Jack, do YOU know jack about Canada?


One of my favorite epic bands in the modern scene is SYG:AR:TYR. They remind me a bit of Bathory at points, though these guys have the privilege to expand on solid ground where Quorthon was experimenting over a decade ago. Enjoy.



I keep telling in my reviews –which are growing sporadic by the day anyways- how much I hate it when a band plays 10 different styles in 10 songs, especially if they are part of the same album. Well, Woods Of Ypres is one of those rare occasions this doesn’t hold as much water. From post black metal to funeral doom to melodic post rock with a touch of metalcore, I enjoy these guys and the fact they have a song for each of my moods…



I know a certain amount of prog deathsters believe their favorite genre died when Chuck left this vein world, but Quo Vadis are one of the very few bands that managed to keep that flame burning. Technical play and awesome songwriting matching this of Death (the band)…



And now for something completely different: a blast from the past. The year is 1998 and I am on my first radio show. Oh, how much I liked Thunder Rider back then! I still do, though I rarely spend time listening to that stuff anymore. A good song in any case. I really dig the vocals!



Fans of old Darkthrone, I present you Godless North. Go forth and conquer! I kept this near the end so poor Andrew can listen to some bands before he dies of boredom…



Some of you may by now wonder where this ‘weird’ music I mentioned is. I mean sure, those bands aren’t exactly ‘mainstream’ and ‘popular’, but seriously, weird? Ok, here is your present then: Menace Ruine is an excellent example of awesome music that no tag can describe it clearly, unless if you tag them ‘experimental ambient drone ritual funeral doom post rock black metal’, because they are all these. Weird huh?


Off I go for some rest, sounding the chips and beer alert for another week. Enjoy your weekend. I won’t because I work tomorrow too :/


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