SMT/ATF Episode 8: Germany

This week we visit a country that gave birth to tons of metal bands around two decades ago, but now the metal production has either stopped or turned to NSBM… Germany is the name of that place and I will not say anything about what else it gave birth to, because as I learn, it is even illegal in some countries –Germany included ofc– to even refer to such stuff… Holocaust Maleus Maleficarum!


Some people really like classical music. Well, I don’t. I can listen at a few tunes but that’s all there is. Some people really like Angra. Usually those are the same people who like classical music too. As expected, I don’t really like them either. For people like me there are Haggard. This band of around 20 musicians combines death metal with classical music and metal tunes in the vein of Angra. Well, I personally don’t like those guys either, but I am certain there are those who do… somewhere… someplace…



Empyrium is one of those bands that you get to listen to a song, don’t give them the attention they need and then forget about for a decade. But when you do get back to them and pay attention, they create a long lasting impression. Excellent atmospheric black metal. They later experimented with other music forms and they were good at it too!



Every once in a while I will suggest a new discovery to friends of mine, only to be asked “how do you find these bands? Do you randomly bang your hand on the keyboard and then go check what you got?”. One such case is Aaskereia. Very well crafted pagan black metal…



Lantlos is a quite recent appearance. If you are into depressive black metal or liked Lifelover from Sweden, don’t miss this band!



I know a lot of people don’t think ambient is music. Well, maybe it’s time to reconsider. The atmosphere, the calmness, the cold Vinterriket emit really put them on the throne of ambient black metal –if there is such a thing– and for me, this is one of the most relaxing stuff there is…



Last but not least, a band I always thought were British yet only LAST NIGHT it turned out to be German. I am talking for the darkwave Goths Diary of Dreams of course. Did you know they have a huge discography? I didn’t until LAST NIGHT. Seriously, digging in my collection can sometimes shock me!



That was all for now. Thank you for putting up with me for one more week. See you around here!


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