SMT/ATF Episode 7: Austria

Next in line is Austria, a small country similar to Greece’s size and population, only surrounded by the Alps instead of the blue seas. It is birthplace to tons of musicians, philosophers and scientists, and this is reflected even in their modern music…


One of the craziest bands I have ever listened to is Angizia, a metal opera enclosed in a circus tent. I am not really a fan of their music, but it surely is interesting to listen to such bizarre stuff…


Back in 2006 when I first discovered Dargaard I was amazed by the way they manage to transfer the air of medieval renaissance and also sound fitting in the metal soundscape. I used to listen to them while reading R.A. Salvatore’s novels. They build a really good atmosphere for pen and paper R.P.G.s…


Slowly but steadily we get to harder stuff with Hollenthon. Folk death metal, in the vein of old Therion. Worth checking them out, especially if you dislike the path the later picked after ‘Vovin’…


Summoning is a band that shouldn’t really need any introduction. However, it is really common nowadays to meet people into black metal that never heard of them. The band was even accused by a reviewer of the Greek Metal Hammer that they followed the ‘trend’ of Lord of the Rings back when they released ‘Let Mortal Heroes Sing Your Fame’, but is actually one of the first bands to pay homage to J.R.R. Tolkien’s story with the entirety of their work. Awesome atmospheres and a music style similar to the LOTR books, pompous and adventurous. Another must for pen and paper R.P.G.-ers!



If you fancy extreme, sick, misogynic and utterly blasphemous black metal, Belphegor is definitely a band worth pausing over. They flirt a bit with old school death and thrash metal, but their awesomeness truly lies within melodic black metal.


I left Abigor for the last spot. Probably the greatest band this country has to offer, they always were one of my recommendations whenever some friend wanted to listen to great melodic black metal. They also began to explore the most progressive aspect of this genre with their latest albums where they play what was once called ‘Intelligent black metal’. I personally don’t like the tag because I don’t really consider stupid or unintelligent the rest of the style so, yeah, whatever…


That was all. Have a nice weekend all of you (two persons) reading these series!


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