SMT/ATF Episode 6: France

It is this time of the week again, when Tragon decides to pick a country and showcase some amazing bands that may have slipped under your radars. 6th week already, and this time we visit France, birthplace of so many stuff that I can’t really name them, and total black metal playground. Seriously, it seems to me that most of the metal bands there play some kind of black metal, and the majority of them are so awesome I had a very difficult time picking only six…


While I am not a huge fan of folk black metal, Aes Dana was one of the bands that kept my interest for a long time. Not that I loved their fast paced folk bursts, but they offer extremely good black metal as an added value. Fans of Eluveitie, check them out…



Smohalla is probably one of the most interesting avant-garde bands around. Their latest album ‘Resilience’ is stuck in my mind and I have to listen to this song What they sound like you ask? A sickened mix of Arcturus with experimental ambient. But this description is very poor. You have to listen to understand it…



I first heard of Dark Sanctuary thanks to the following cover of Dead Can Dance, and their eerie feel made me dig a little deeper. Amazing music. Add wine for extra pleasure!



It was exactly 9 years ago when me and some friends found a new way to discover new bands. We sat down and set up a account, hit ‘black metal’ in the search field and Himinbjorg was what we got. Amazing Viking black metal by one of the oldest bands there…


Experimental. Progressive. Doom. Grotesque. Dark. Religious. Sick. Black metal. I don’t know how they do it, but Blut Aus Nord put out one great album after another over the long span of their history. This is going to be a pretty bleak weekend…



Finally, we have Alcest, probably the only European band that can play shoegaze depressive black metal so close to the American school. Their album ‘Ecailles De Lune’ is simply a masterpiece!



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