SMT/ATF Episode 5: Denmark

5th week already, and for this installment I picked Denmark, home of Kim Bendix Petersen, also known as King Diamond. Funny fact (is it really?), he was a RR artist!


I always thought that Cradle of Filth did something unique in black metal. I never liked them to be perfectly honest, but still they were unique. And then I happened to listen to Illnath, a melodic mix of CoF with some Dimmu Borgir thrown in, just to get the two schools of mainstream BM closer. I am not sure why they never made a name as bright but they sure worth a listen if you fancy CoF…


Nortt on the other hand present some awesome funeral doom / depressive black metal. Can’t get why some Dane would feel depressed living in such a great country, but they sure have the feeling! Oh well…


It was over a decade ago when I was deeply involved in radio shows and such stuff, and one of the ‘perks’ that this era left me was the hunt for the unknown bands, no matter the genre. It was by pure luck that an Exmortem’s CD came to my hands. I was not a huge fan of death metal then, and this holds true to this day, but their sheer brutality was captivating. Bang your heads with this one!


Horned Almighty is Denmark’s answer to recent Darkthrone’s punky transformation. Groovy, thrashy, old school, but still more black metal.


Just to dismiss the impression that this country only breeds sickening, blasphemous, brutal music, I’ve included Of The Wand & The Moon in this short list, as one of the best neofolk bands I’ve ever heard…


If you are a fan of great melodies, storytelling songs, lyricism, dark romanticism, constant progression and melodic death metal, Saturnus is definitely a band you need to research right now!


Until next week, have fun with some new music!


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