SMT/ATF Episode 4: Finland

For our next installment I picked Finland, land of the thousand lakes, Kalevala, and birthplace of some of the greatest metal bands, including Amorphis and Impaled Nazarene


Despite the great tradition in black metal, with bands like Azaghal, Horna and Calvarium keeping the banners high, it was Oranssi Pazuzu that caught me by surprise with their …‘space pagan’ black metal. Seriously, if alien tribes ever had a ‘pagan’ era, their music could only sound something like this…


Am I Blood is a band that tried to pick heavy metal where Metallica left it after their ‘black album’, and push it a bit further adding a bit of hardcore and a touch of Amorphis. They never saw their career skyrocket, not even when all of the semi-worthless metalcore bands were hitting the mainstream. You will sure love them, especially if you like Hetfield’s voice…


If elven myths, Tolkien’s books, role playing games or symphonic death metal is your thing, don’t skip this one. Battlelore have some awesome songs and really beautiful voices. Worth checking them out…


It is gothic. It is avant-garde. It is progressive. It is symphonic. Silentium are so far from my everyday musical taste, yet I love so many of their songs throughout their long discography that it would be a shame if they didn’t make it into this short list today. If you like listening to music in candlelight with a red wine at hand, this is an excellent choice…


RAAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWRRRRRRRR…! Turisas forged an awesome mix of Rhapsody and Bal Sagoth, named it Battle Metal, and then recorded it. Like them…


Ajattara is a nightmare-ish doom/black metal project that somehow managed to stay underground, even with Pasi Koskinen (Amorphis) in their ranks. Still, their quality is unquestionable and their dark tunes unmatched by anything you may have heard before…


So this was the bizarre side of suomi metal. Another week, another country. Stay tuned!


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