SMT/ATF Episode 3: Sweden

For our third installment I have chosen Sweden, home to a lot of great bands, and of course NWOSDM!


While pretty much everyone knows bands like At The Gates or Dark Tranquility, whenever I mention Anata I usually face an empty stare. Once a more technical brother of In Flames, in our days there guys offer some brutal technical death metal…


If you want a different take on Swedish death metal Draconian is a band worth checking. Their album “Arcane Rain Fell” is a masterpiece of gothic death, and later on they tried different styles more along the lines of gothic doom…


Skogen was a huge surprise for me. They play this dark, slow, gloomy, melancholic ambient/black metal kind that is usually met in central Europe, but with a Swedish twist. Fans of Drudkh and late Vinterriket MUST check them out… (edit: for more traditional black metal, don’t miss their 2014 “I Doden” album, they really ramped it up!)


It is epic. It is folk. It definitely is Viking. Thyrfing is one of those hidden treasures that you never knew they existed, and after listening to one single song you realize these guys are just better that half the Viking metal bands you’ve heard in your life…


Lifelover is a pretty new band that recently introduced a completely new genre. Ranging from depressive black metal to suicidal alt/rock, in the end of the day they left me thinking: not sure if I like them, but it sure was a fresh listen.


Finally, we have Cult Of Luna. Their atmospheric post-metal/sludge is not exactly my cup of tea, but I do have one of their albums in my prized collection, so they are obviously doing something good…



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