SMT/ATF Episode 2: Norway

To close the chapter ‘Greece’ I have to mention one band I wanted to talk about in the first place but somehow it slipped off my mind when I was typing the original post: Den Saakaldte. When Morpheas left Naer Mataron and migrated to Norway he changed his nickname to Sykelig and proceeded to make some bizarre avant-garde shit. His debut was somewhat poorly executed and sounded badly, but everyone who heard it knew there is some serious quality hidden in there. It didn’t took long for “All Hail Pessimism” to follow and prove this to be completely true. If there wasn’t a ‘cabaret black metal’ tag before, hell, now there is…


Moving onwards, did I say Norway? Yup, that’s our next stop. Home of some of the greatest black metal acts, not to mention the very grounds the whole movement got born, it sure has tons of great musicians in every kind. While everyone and his mother know bands as Emperor, Mayhem, Satyricon and Burzum, there are countless other bands, almost unheard of, experimenting and pushing forward in every direction.


Solefald was a band that was experimenting with bizarre avant-garde stuff when everyone else sat comfortably in their genres making a strong name for their bands. Now that everyone is trying to break free from their ‘brand’ and experiment with all kinds of alchemies, Solefald found their true form and just HAVE the experience to make unique music. The first song I ever heard from them was Tequila Sunrise –which sent me to a bar to taste the liquor and see what is this all about :P- but their latest works really won me.


One of the very few bands that have really really REALLY impressed me with their vocal works are In The Woods. Huge fans of progressive rock bands, their black metal was really weird and progressive too and later when they dropped the black metal guise they kept being unique and awesome.


I bet that when someone says ‘epic Viking metal’ your mind instantly jumps on Enslaved (and rightfully so since they are fathers of the genre). However, one of the best epic black metal acts I’ve ever come across are the –almost unknown– Aeternus. This is brutal stuff but regrettably they later jumped to European death metal and they didn’t convince me as much…


One of the first metal bands that invested in female vocals were Dismal Euphony. They began as black metal but later moved to gothic and later modern heavy metal. The death of one of their singers made more headlines than their music course, but they still have some awesome songs in every genre they tasted…



One of the oldest bands in here is Ulver. There have been so many star members in their ranks that is really shocking that people still don’t know about them. They were always experimenting and have left (and still do) wonderful pieces in every genre they have touched, be it folk black metal or even neoclassical ambient…



If you think Ved Buens Ende are trippy I guess you haven’t heard of Virus yet. The evolution of V.B.E. kept a minimal of black metal flavor and everything else is just… I don’t even know how to name this thing…


BONUS – p.s. @moenia: This House Of Viking/Enslaved song is similar to Daemonia Nymphe but with original Viking music. Enjoy:


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